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Upcoming Events of the American Legion of

Eau Claire County Council!

Next County Council Meeting is at Brackett

Post 550, July 12th. Meeting will be right after

their meeting which starts at 1900.


Blood Donor Schedule for the 10th District:

Blood Donor Chairman; Marlin Severson.

Menomonie Post #32 V.C. & Adjutant

Dunn County V.C. & Adjutant

3014 Wilson St., Lot #201

Menomonie, WI 54751

Ph: 715-308-6119

e-mail: judymarlin@charter.net

RedCross Location Date Time RedCross


Upcoming District Conferences:

Note the date change for the Fall Conference in Brackett.

  Spring Conference. Fall Conference.
Year Hosting Post Dates Hosting Post Dates
2015 Cumberland Post 98 April 17,18,19 Menomonie Post 32 September 18,19,20
2016 Chetek Post 179 April 22,23,24 Brackett Post 550 September 23,24,25
2017 River Falls Post 121 April 21,22,23 Woodville Post 301 September 23
2018 Chippewa Falls Post 77 April 20,21,22 Ellsworth Post 204 September 22

The next Conference is in Chippewa Falls.

Please get your list of deceased to Clif Sorenson

by April 1st to be included in the Sunday Memorial Service.

The Spring Conference is 2 days.


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