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Welcome to the Eau Claire County Post Page

All Officers are for the 2018-2019 Term

To see Our Auxiliary Page, Click HERE!

Here is a schedule of all of the Veterans Day Activities happening in

Eau Claire County at all of our Posts. Click HERE to get a copy

If you didn't think there would ever be a free lunch, go HERE and see where to go

for a Free Veterans Day Meal!


Augusta Post 291

Commander: Kenny Piel

Adjutant: Tony Lighthizer

Meeting: 2nd Thursday @ 7:00pm

Post Phone Number: none

Post Address: S5790 State Rd 27, P.O. Box 302

Augusta, WI 54722


Brackett Post 550

Commander: Brian Flaskrud

Vice Commander: Geoffrey Groh

Adjutant: David A. Wathke

Treasurer: Loren Westphal

Chaplain: Dick Mitchell, Tom Fuller

Sgt at Arms: Dick Mendehr, Rich Linder

Membership: Frank Cynor

Service Officer: Dave Wathke

Meeting: 2nd Tuesday @ 7:00pm

Post Phone Number: none

Post Address: W9150 Beaver Creek Rd.

Fall Creek, WI 54742


Monthly newsletter "The Commanders Newsletter"



Eau Claire Post 53

Office Name EMail Home Phone Cell Phone
Commander Timothy P. Hillery aerotp02@msn.com 715-839-0912 715-210-1600
1st Vice Commander Dan Klein sapphirecreek@wwt.net 715-875-4619 715-577-7729
2nd Vice Commander Rod Anderson rnj@wwt.net 715-874-6709 715-271-4946
Chaplain Laban Miller 65winmil3@wwt.net 715-874-5080  
Service Officer Chrys Porter rporter308@aol.com   715-797-1289
Historian Chrys Porter rporter308@aol.com   715-797-1289
Sgt at Arms Tom Hamm     715-828-1848
Sgt at Arms Jerry Kilde jdkilde@charter.net 715-835-2057  
Finance Officer Harold Walters leonardwalt1@gmail.com 715-832-5942  
Adjutant Brad Venaas post53@att.net   715-214-3510
Executive BD 1yr John Arnette ja4234@charter.net   715-828-7035
Executive BD 2yr Bob Kilde   715-287-4484  
Executive BD 3yr OPEN      
Past Commander Jack Quall   715-834-5182 715-497-8226
House Cmte Chair Roger Dale janedale@att.net 715-834-7778 715-851-0500
Bar Manager Roseanne Winrich rswn@gmail.com 715-835-0799 715-828-0865
Aux Membership Gloria Hochstein hochstgj@uwec.edu 715-835-4666 715-523-4666
SAL Commander Josh Weichert weichejj@gmail.com   715-563-8282
Bugle Editor Ann Marie Hoeppner hoeppnera@yahoo.com 715-832-8784 715-456-2175

General Post Email: post53@att.net

Monthly Meeting: 2nd Monday @ 7:00pm

Post Phone Number: 715-834-4091

Post Physical Address: 634 Water St.

Eau Claire, WI 54703


December 2015 Newsletter "The Bugle 53 Newsletter"


September 2016 Newsletter "The Bugle 53 Newsletter"

October 2016 Newsletter "The Bugle 53 Newsletter"

November 2016 Newsletter "The Bugle 53 Newsletter"

December 2016 Newsletter "The Bugle 53 Newsletter"

January 2017 Newsletter "The Bugle 53 Newsletter"

February 2017 Newsletter "The Bugle 53 Newsletter"

March 2017 Newsletter "The Bugle 53 Newsletter"

April 2017 Newsletter "The Bugle 53 Newsletter"

May 2017 Newsletter "The Bugle 53 Newsletter"

June 2017 Newsletter "The Bugle 53 Newsletter"

July 2017 Newsletter "The Bugle 53 Newsletter"

August 2017 Newsletter "The Bugle 53 Newsletter"


Fairchild Post 466

Commander: Gordon T. Zimmerman

Adjutant: Not on File

Meeting: 2nd Thursday @ 8:00pm

Post Phone Number: 715-703-8068

Post Address: 309 Front St., P.O. Box 70

Fairchild, WI 54741



Fall Creek Post 376

2018-2019 Post Officers

Commander: Norman R. Brunkow

1st Vice: Thomas R. Lindgren

2nd Vice: James F. Withers

Adjutant: Robert K. Roemer

Finance Officer: Frederick B. Strasburg

Chaplain: Thomas R. Lindgren

Sergeant at Arms: Duane A. Cance

Service Officer: Jonathon J. Jarocki

Color Guard: Lonnie L. Westphal

Membership: Frederick B. Strasburg

Meeting: 4th Monday @ 7:00pm

Post Phone Number: 715-877-2832

Email: voightpost376@charter.net

Post Address: 122 E. Lincoln Ave., P.O. Box 423

Fall Creek, WI 54742

2018 Roster

Here is a copy of the proposal from Johnson Monument for the

Veterans Memorial at Randall Park.

Here are the Minutes of our past meetings.

January 2017 Meeting Minutes

February 2017 Meeting Minutes

April 2017 Meeting Minutes

May 2017 Meeting Minutes

September 2017 Meeting Minutes

October 2017 Meeting Minutes

November 2017 Meeting Minutes

January 2018 Meeting Minutes

February 2018 Meeting Minutes

April 2018 Meeting Minutes

May 2018 Meeting Minutes

September 2018 Meeting Minutes

October 2018 Meeting Minutes



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